Manufacturing and production

Thanks to our tools and know-how we offer manufacturing and production solutions using various technologies:

  • Manufacturing of hot or cold mixtures, from ambient temperature to over 200° C, and of liquid or pasty products, in batch mode or continuously.
  • Preparation of solutions (additivation, solvent-based bituminous solutions, fluxed bitumen)
  • Emulsification (anionic, cationic bituminous emulsions, clear binder emulsions)
  • Dissolution, dispersion (incorporation of polymer, charges, powders, granules and solids)
  • Grinding
  • Masticating (pulping, molecular chains transformation, winding down)
  • COLLET SAS also has tools to pelletize your raw materials and/or finished products (wax, hot-melt glues, clear binders, products for special purposes)

Associated Services


A complete and flexible range of packaging solutions:

  • For liquid products: bulk tanks or containers, drums, IBC …
  • For pasty products: drums, kegs, pails…
  • Bagging systems of big bag or bag types (pellets or crushed products).
  • For products which solidify as they cool, we propose an adapted packaging in loaf (bare or with hot-melt film), or in carton (silicone or not)
  • We pelletize your products and packages in bags, carton, big-bags…

All this is done in environments that meet the ATEX, ADR standards…

Laboratories, Analytical and Semi-Industrial Resources

Our laboratory teams have the necessary tools to conduct the main analytical testing required in our sectors of activity, including physical, mechanical and chemical measurements, such as:

  • Rheology (Brookfield viscometers used between 25° C to 100° C and within a range of kinematic viscosities of up to 4,000 mPa·s and up to 10,000 mm2/s for dynamic viscosities)
  • Karl Fisher water content measurement
  • pH measurement
  • Measurement of content of volatile compounds by gas chromatography
  • Rapid identification analysis and control using Infrared spectrometer
  • Color measurement
  • Particle size measurement by laser granulometry
  • Acid-base analytical dosage
  • Specific analyzes such as the ball-ring softening point, needle and cone penetration, plasticity, melting point, flash point…

Controls may be performed on raw materials, in process or on finished products. Semi-industrial pilot tests can be performed depending on the mixing, dissolution, grinding, masticating, and emulsion technologies…

Logistics and Storage

Collet SAS is equipped with modern management tools and assures an optimal stock management and traceability.
We receive your raw materials and finished products thanks to our private pier located in a loop of the Seine (width 300m-328yd-, minimal draught 3,6m -3.9yd-by low tide) , and can deliver your liquid bulk products by waterway.

We receive your raw materials, in bulk or packaged, and finished products trucks then load and ship your containers while controlling the quantities using standardized and certified counting means, scales, or trade transactions weighbridge. Our logistics structure allows us to receive and/or load nearly 30 trucks per day.

To meet production needs, we store your raw materials and finished products, in bulk or packaged, and assign the proper means sized to cope with fluctuations.

With our factory permanent status, applicable for some of our activities, we can manage the customs procedures for your products, if needed (customs authorization).


We offer integrated and complete services for your projects, from the feasibility study based on your terms of reference and until the industrial production of your products.

We offer you industry-specific and tailored solutions. We perform pilot tests, help you adjust your needs, and validate together your entire production process.

At the start of production, we ensure the final validation of the selected process through close monitoring of your manufacturing, and conduct a study on analytical results. Nous sommes dotés d’outils de gestion moderne (type ERP) à partir desquels nous pouvons vous assurer une parfaite gestion des stocks et de la traçabilité.

Collet ensures you

  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness
  • Confidentiality

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