We have a wide variety of production tools:

  • 13 Z Blade steel mixers with different capacities ranging from 0.8m3 to 13 m3 (8 of 13 m3 for steel jacket and inert system), with operating temperatures between 220°C and 230° C
  • 26 mixers with different stirring devices, with a capacity ranging from 2.5 to 150 m3, equipped with (re)heating systems fueled by thermal fluids that can keep the temperature at 75°C to 180°C
  • T turbosphere (0.6 m³, 2 m³ et 7 m³)
  • In-line mixers (liquid or pasty products) with associated flow meters for your in-line mixing needs
  • Besides our mixers, we offer grinding tools and/or lump breaking tools for dry products before dissolving them, or in-line grinding using equipment such as Siefer ®, IKA grinder…
  • 2 SANDVIK ® pelletizing units (belt 1.5m wide, band between 22 and 25 meters long, equipped with Rotoform ® pelletizer), with a flow rate of 1 to 2.5 t/h.
  • 2 emulsification units with colloid mills for supplying bitumen emulsions, with a rotor speed of 44 m/s, which facilitates the shearing. These tools produce all types of bitumen emulsions such as bond coats, slurry seals, heavy emulsions, cold mixes, emulsions with latex, emulsions from SBS modified bitumen, anionic emulsions, etc.
  • Bitumen cake cutting beam (Collet patented processes), to package bitumen into 17 kg of hard and/or oxidized bitumen cakes; bitumen cakes are then automatically conveyed and palletized.

Associated utilities are heat transfer fluids, steam, water, nitrogen.

  • We have many storage bins, with different capacities, agitated or not, heated or not, for a total capacity of over 7,500 m³ for liquid bulk storage into tanks of 6 m³ to 800 m³.

For example, we have a storage capacity of approximately 1,000 m³ of bitumen (and derived bitumen products), and 4,000 m³ of oil (and derived products)…

  • Storage warehouses for packaged products

Packaged raw materials = 4,650 m²
Finished products = 3,000 m²

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  • Responsiveness
  • Confidentiality

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