Collet SAS will meet your needs if you have

  • A product in early life cycle without appropriate industrial facility,
  • A one-time capacity need,
  • Need a backup to reassure your clients and/or cope with maintenance periods,
  • A product in end of life cycle that you would like to outsource to a trustworthy third party that has the relevant experience,
  • Need to introduce a technology that Collet can provide,

Collet provides a large array of industrial services to meet diversified needs.

Collet SAS provides a complete finished products range elaborated according to its own formulae: purchases all raw materials and packaging; when required delivers the finished products at the client’s premises or available upon factory dispatch. It can also work your specific formulae out this way.

Provision of « mixtes » services (Collet or client formulation): a part of the raw material is purchased by Collet, and a specific part is supplied by the client should he have optimized purchasing conditions, specific labels or containers.

Provision of full subcontracting services: according to the client’s specifications and precise instructions. The client supplies all raw materials and packaging, arranges transportation, and defines the flow. Collet draws on its technical and human resources to integrate its services and expertise into the supply chain as smoothly as possible.

Collet ensures you

  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness
  • Confidentiality

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