Formulations for the Construction and Building Industry

The Collet Laboratory and its expertise in manufacturing bitumen-based products have resulted in the development of aqueous phase and solvent-based formulae for the construction industries.

These products serve a number of applications, the most common being the sealing of building foundations, cladding of particle board and corrosion protection of technical bodies in various industrial fields.

Moreover, during the tailored processing and finishing of products according to the client’s technical specifications, sampling is presented based on laboratory work, pilot tests or industrial trials for the purpose of product registration.

Collet provides support until the validation of the expected results during in situ application tests, in collaboration with the client.

Solutions for lightening concrete and insulation

COLLET SAS produces the full range of expanded polystyrene beads (EPS) COBIL ® whose Styrobéton ®, a lightweight aggregate for concrete coated with an adjuvant designed and developed in our laboratory.

It allows the realization of lightweight and insulating screeds used in new construction or renovation of current buildings.

We also produce beads of different sizes, white, untreated or treated fire, for the insulation of housing, furniture or for decoration.

More information about the EPS on our website COBIL dedicated to these products.

Environment and Market Regulations

Our laboratory is concerned about the protection of the environment and therefore constantly improves the quality of our products so as to meet market expectations and regulatory requirements, and anticipate technical solutions.

Collet also follows up the regulatory compliance of its products, namely the regulations related to labeling (CLP regulation, CE marking).

A Range of Adapted Packaging

We offer a wide range of packaging solutions.

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